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Gather, organize and locate on the map, your pictures, videos and notes about your vacation, field studies, special events, and other excursions, all on your smart phone or pad!

Place picture, video and note pins exactly where they were taken on your map!  Street, satellite and hybrid maps, and your GPS location provided by the phone/pad, help you place your pins exactly on the site you desire.

 Assign the pins into albums for easy reference, and sharing via Facebook!


Screenshot_2013-10-03-14-41-24   Screenshot_2013-10-03-14-41-24 Screenshot_2013-10-03-14-40-09

PinPix has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use.  Touch-hold on the map to bring up a picture/video/note pin menu, select a pin type, take your picture or video or notes (including a date/time stamp feature), name the pin, and then place the pin on the map where you gathered the information.  Organize pins into albums, you can make as many albums as you desire.

Available now for Android phones and tablets – coming soon for Apple!